A Domestic Relations Order (“DRO”) is a special court order issued after the entry of a final Judgment of Divorce that provides for the distribution of a retirement account. If the Judgment of Divorce directs the distribution of a retirement account or benefits, whether it is a defined contribution plan (e.g. 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing plans) or a defined benefit plan (e.g. pension), a DRO is necessary to effectuate the distribution of the plan to avoid suffering a tax liability.

Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC recognizes the complexity of preparing DROs that conform to your Judgment of Divorce to ensure that you receive what you bargained for, or was awarded, by the Court.

It is imperative that you obtain and implement a QDRO or DRO as soon as possible after your divorce is completed to make sure that the plan administrator is on notice and your rights to your former spouse’s retirement account or benefits are protected.

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