Intended Parents

Intended Parents are the individuals who will raise the baby born to the surrogate. Depending on the circumstances, one or both of the intended parents may also be the genetic parents of the child (e.g., husband and wife use their own sperm and egg to create an embryo carried by a surrogate).  In other cases, Intended Parents may use an egg and/or sperm donor to create their embryo(s).

We work with intended parents pursuing independent surrogacy journeys and intended parents who were matched by a surrogacy agency. We represent intended parents in drafting their surrogacy agreements and in filing their subsequent parentage proceeding once a pregnancy has been achieved.  We also coordinate with vital records to make sure our clients receive their baby’s birth certificate listing them as the parents in a timely fashion.

Attorneys in our firm are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Vermont and Pennsylvania and work on matches with intended parents and/or surrogates in each of these states.

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